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It’s pretty common knowledge around my office that I’m a juicing fanatic.  In fact, not a day goes by where I don’t bring up the topic of juicing with at least one co-worker, client or friend.   All it takes to get me started is a mumbled comment like “I don’t feel well” or “I’m really tired lately”.  My immediate response is always, “You should really try juicing”.  Now obviously, there might be more to their problem than a general lack of nutrition, but it opens the door to a more in depth conversation about the benefits of juicing IF they’re interested in learning more.  This is how I like to “pass it on”.

After weeks of joking about bringing my juicer into the office, last week I finally did it.  I brought in a bag of fresh vegetables like broccoli, spinach, kale, beets, carrots, red chard, parsley and of course some apples to sweeten up all those green vegetables enough to make it a delicious drink for a first timer.  After making up a pitcher of juice for everyone to try, I realized how complex my juice combinations  have developed since I first started.  This might not have been the best starter juice to subject them to but 4 out of 6 who tried it said they liked it.  The other 2 had it set in their mind ahead of time that they wouldn’t like it so I didn’t get upset when they made a big fuss about trying it.

Perhaps I should have gone with something simple like when I started juicing.  I’ll never forget my first batch of juice I made at home.  The Juicing Bible, 2nd Edition calls it The Chiller.  1 carrot, 2 celery stalks, 1 apple, 1/2 of a cucumber, 1/2 of a zucchini and 1/2 of a red bell pepper.  This has to be the most refreshing vegetable juice I have tasted to date.  Next time I’m lugging my juicer around town to recruit a new group of juice junkies, this will be the recipe of choice.  After all, it took me a good month of daily juicing before I started making up my own recipes so I can’t expect a first timer to like what I drink these days.

What I want you all to take away from this today is not only a great beginner recipe, but a renewed interest in passing on the good word about juicing.  If your day is anything like mine, you have at least one person each day who complains about fatigue, weight gain, headaches or one of many other common ailments that can usually be cured or reduced by making a few simple changes to their diet.  As a fellow juice junky, don’t you want to be the one who helped a friend, co-worker or perfect stranger by passing on your passion for juicing?  Each day I get emails from people I’ve never met, asking me for advice on juice machines, recipes and diet plans.  Nothing has been more rewarding than answering their emails and getting follow up messages that tell me how great they feel 30 and 60 days later.

So when you head in to work today, keep your ears on alert and don’t pass up the opportunity to pass it on!

That’s it for today!  Here’s to you from the Juice Junky.  Keep on juicin!

*If you’re looking for additional great recipes for beginner juicers, look for my next article which will cover all of the great recipes that got me hooked on juicing.

15 Feb 2011

Pass It On

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